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Transfer your care

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What Is 'Transfer Your Care' ?

Transfer your Care is a service developed to support patients already diagnosed with ADHD (by either NHS or other private providers), to transfer to ADHD Direct for treatment and ongoing care (without having to go through a repeated diagnostic assessment.)

Booking your appointment

Appointments can be booked through our booking portalwhere you will also find the prices for our ‘Transfer Your Care’ appointments

The following information explains why we price it at that level, and the detailed checks our Clinical team carry out to ensure we provide you with a safe, efficient and clinically effective service.

What do we require?

Once the appointment is booked, we will contact you to ask you to provide some information prior to your appointment.

This includes:

  1. A copy of your assessment report from your last qualified specialist provider confirming the assessment and diagnosis of ADHD. The assessment report needs to meet the standards of the NICE guidance.
  2. If available, copies of any rating scales or completed questionnaires that may have been submitted by you to your previous specialist.
  3. Completion of some new ADHD Questionnaires which we will send to you- which also includes information about your current and past physical and mental health and also any medication you are taking.
  4. Personal Identification

You will be able to get all this information from your previous provider or GP.
We also welcome any other additional information you feel is helpful that you would like us to review.
The Clinician will then review the information in advance of your consultation and summarise the findings from the reports received in preparation for your appointment.

What happens at your appointment?

Your appointment will last 1-1.5 hrs hour, and by the time you attend, the Clinician will have already reviewed all your information and if necessary, spoken to your previous specialist with your consent so as to prevent any delays in management.
The clinician will undertake an assessment of your current difficulties to ensure any treatment proposed is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Are we the best service for you?

There may be situations where after assessing the information you provide us; we may not be the best service for you. If for any reason, we do not feel we can safely provide a management plan for you, then we will always contact you in advance of the appointment for a discussion about why this is the case and where appropriate signpost you to a more appropriate service.

NICE Guidelines for assessment and diagnosis

In ADHD Direct we strictly adhere to NICE guidelines in terms of your assessment and diagnostic process. If the information provided regarding your previous diagnosis is not consistent with the process recommended by NICE, then we will not be able to accept transfer of your care for treatment. But if this is the case, we will always keep you fully informed prior to your appointment and always endeavour to contact your previous clinician in advance if you provide consent.

Diagnosed in childhood?

National guidelines advise that a young person with ADHD should always be reassessed at school-leaving age to establish the need for continuing treatment into adulthood. If you have been diagnosed in childhood but have not had regular or continuous care or treatment, then ‘transfer your care’ will not be the best service for you; and instead, a reassessment as an adult may be indicated. We would always discuss this with you prior to your appointment and if necessary, refund your payment and offer you the option of booking a full ADHD Assessment instead.

What treatments do we provide?

  • In ADHD Direct we offer both Pharmacological and Nonpharmacological treatments and this will include
    • Medication
    • Coaching
    • talking therapies
    • support groups
    • Parent training courses
    • Advice regarding school and workplace adaptations
    • Advice regarding diet and exercise, relationships, daily stress reduction strategies, healthy sleep
    • understanding how ADHD affects you and strategies to support executive functioning difficulties.

ADHD Medicine

For those patients who decide to try medication we are happy to work with your GP if they are in agreement for shared care (this means that the GP prescribes for you on an NHS Prescription, but we monitor and look after you in regular appointments here) but please remember that.

  • NHS GPs are not obliged to undertake shared care with any private providers.
  • ADHD Medication should always be started by a Specialist and not by a GP.


If you do need to fund a private prescription, there are 3 costs to consider.

  • There is a prescription processing fee payable to ADHD direct with is £20 per prescription issued.
  • The cost of the actual medication itself is paid directly to the Pharmacy that you choose to attend. Pharmacists will in the main charge for the cost of the medication and also, they will add a processing fee on top of that (which varies but can be 50% of the cost of the medication plus Tax).
  • All patients who are on medication need to attend for regular reviews with a specialist in ADHD (this is regardless of whether your GP does or does not prescribe for you.) This appointment will be more frequent at the start of mediation until you are stabilised on a regular and effective dosage.

Our ethos and what makes us different

We believe that with the right help and support that people with ADHD will thrive in life.

Our difference to other clinics is that.

  • Our price is inclusive.
  • We do not charge extra for our reports, correspondence to schools, information about workplace or educational adaptations.
  • We don’t have membership fees / holding fees or registration fees.
  • We are a whole of life service which means that once you have been seen by us you can return at any time in the future – for as long as you need us. Although we are maybe smaller than a lot of the larger providers, we feel this also allows us to secure a more personalised relationship.

Book your Transfer your care appointment:

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Adult ADHD Assessments are available as virtual appointments or as in-person appointments in our clinic in Glasgow.
Child ADHD assessments are available as virtual appointments or as in-person appointments in our clinic in Glasgow.

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