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Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities Policy

Last updated: March 2023 

Purpose of this Document 

The purpose of this policy is to inform patients of their rights and responsibilities.    

Patients’ rights 

  • To not be discriminated against   
  • To be treated with professional standards by qualified and experienced staff   
  • To expect ADHD Direct to monitor and try to improve continuously the quality of its services. 
  • To be treated with dignity and respect.   
  • To be given information about appropriate and available treatment options, what they involve and their risks and benefits. 
  • To have access to their own records, in line with data protection legislation. 
  • To privacy and confidentiality. 
  • To have any complaint acknowledged within three days and properly investigated within 28 working days in accordance with the ADHD Direct Complaint Policy. 
  • To be treated with courtesy and given support in the handling of any complaint and ensure high quality care is provided during the investigation of a complaint.   
  • To the assurance that any transfer between ADHD Direct and the NHS or other private services is handled as smoothly as possible.  
  • To a clean and safe environment. 
  • To have any letters concerning the patient be shared with the patient themself. This includes letters sent between ADHD Direct and patient’s GP and/or any other external agencies. 

Patient responsibilities  

  • To treat ADHD Direct staff and other patients with respect   
  • To keep appointments or cancel within a reasonable time as detailed in ADHD Direct Cancelation Policy.   
  • To provide measurements i.e., blood pressure, pulse, weight, and height (height – children only) when attending for virtual/online Medication Review appointments and virtual/online ADHD Treatment Initiation appointments. Measurements should either be sent to the administrative team to before starting time of the appointment, or given to the clinician during the appointment.   
  • To book Medication Review appointments for the dates recommended by clinical staff and when requested by administrative staff of ADHD Direct   
  • To pay invoices by the due date detailed on the invoice   
  • To respond to communication received from ADHD Direct   
  • To follow instructions and recommendations provided by clinician with regards to taking prescribed medications   
  • To inform ADHD Direct if experiencing any side effects from the prescribed medication   
  • To inform ADHD Direct of changes of patients’:   
  • Contact details: name, address, email address, telephone number.   
  • GP Practice   
  • School – if patient is a child  
  • Next of Kin details   
  • Bank details – if paying by direct debit using payment platform GoCardless   
  • To read and sign ADHD Direct policies and to follow standards set out by the service.