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ADHD Coaching

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Together with our CEO Gordon Brown we will discuss what is included in an ADHD assessment. The webinar will focuses on explaining the assessment process itself, the diagnosis and the treatment options.

ADHD coaching can be an effective tool for individuals with ADHD to address time management challenges. ADHD coaches are professionals trained to help individuals with ADHD develop strategies and skills to manage their symptoms and improve their functioning in various areas of life, including time management.

ADHD coaching typically involves a collaborative relationship between the coach and the client, in which the coach helps the client identify their specific time management challenges, set goals, and develop personalised strategies to address them.

Coaching may involve techniques such as breaking tasks into smaller, more manageable steps, prioritising tasks, creating a schedule or routine, and using reminders or visual aids to stay on track. The coach may also provide accountability and support to help the client stay motivated and focused on their goals.

Through coaching, individuals with ADHD can learn to develop effective time management skills, which can help them to better organise their time, prioritise tasks, and meet deadlines. This, in turn, can improve their functioning in various areas of life, including work, school, and personal relationships.

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