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ADHD Courses

At ADHD Direct, we offer a variety of training programmes aimed at equipping individuals from various backgrounds with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills for effectively addressing ADHD. Tailored to teachers, employers, parents, and other professionals, these programmes delve into various aspects of ADHD diagnosis, treatment, and support. Participants gain valuable insights into evidence-based approaches, medication […]

Understanding ADHD bespoke workplace training

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Course Overview Session Duration: 2 hours Pricing: £495 Maximum Booking Size: Up to 20 participants Location: Virtual What Our ADHD Workplace training offers: Discover how our course can transform your workplace by addressing the following key components: Understanding ADHD:Learn about ADHD, its symptoms, and how it can manifest in adults. Gain a deep understanding of […]

ADHD training for teachers

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Course overview: Individual booking: £65 Bespoke group seminar: £695 Maximum Booking Size: Up to 20 participants Location: Virtual Date: coming soon Duration: 2 hrs Receive updates about our ADHD Teacher’s Training Contact us regarding our ADHD Teacher’s training Unleash the Potential: “Teachers Count” ADHD Training Course Are you ready to make a lasting impact in […]

Transfer your care

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What Is ‘Transfer Your Care’ ? Transfer your Care is a service developed to support patients already diagnosed with ADHD (by either NHS or other private providers), to transfer to ADHD Direct for treatment and ongoing care (without having to go through a repeated diagnostic assessment.) Booking your appointment Appointments can be booked through our […]

ADHD parenting training

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ADHD ASSESSMENT EXPLAINED Days Hours Minutes Seconds Together with our CEO Gordon Brown we will discuss what is included in an ADHD assessment. The webinar will focuses on explaining the assessment process itself, the diagnosis and the treatment options. Register here ADHD Parenting Training – Parents INC Parents INC (Parents In Control) is our award-winning […]

ADHD Coaching

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ADHD coaching can be an effective tool for individuals with ADHD to address time management challenges. ADHD coaches are professionals trained to help individuals with ADHD develop strategies and skills to manage their symptoms and improve their functioning in various areas of life, including time management. ADHD Coaching in Glasgow Virtual ADHD Coaching UK Wide […]

Private Autism Assessment

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Our Autism Services are currently paused – sign up below to get notified when they resume Comprehensive Autism Assessments and Consultations at ADHD Direct At ADHD Direct, we provide comprehensive autism assessments for both children and adults to help individuals and their families better understand their strengths, traits and challenges. Our healthcare professionals have experience […]

ADHD medication

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Medication Reviews The National guidance and local shared care agreements clarify that in order to take ADHD Medication, you need to have regular reviews by an ADHD Specialist.   Whether you receive your medication from us, or from your GP (as a shared care arrangement), you would have to book regular medication reviews when receiving medication […]

ADHD assessment

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Understanding ADHD – The Importance of Proper ADHD Assessment Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. It can cause significant impairment in daily functioning and relationships, which is why it is important to receive proper assessment and treatment. Your ADHD Assessment at ADHD Direct At ADHD Direct we […]


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NON-MEDICAL ADHD TREATMENT OPTIONS WEBINAR Days Hours Minutes Seconds Join us for an insightful webinar on 17th January 2024 at 7:00 PM as we delve into the world of non-medical treatments for ADHD with Gordon Brown, CEO of ADHD Direct. Register here What is ADHD? Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that […]