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Understanding ADHD bespoke workplace training

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Course Overview

Session Duration: 2 hours

Pricing: £495

Maximum Booking Size: Up to 20 participants

Location: Virtual

What Our ADHD Workplace training offers:

Discover how our course can transform your workplace by addressing the following key components:

  1. Understanding ADHD:
    Learn about ADHD, its symptoms, and how it can manifest in adults. Gain a deep understanding of this neurological condition and how it impacts individuals in the workplace.
  2. Common Workplace Challenges:
    Explore the common challenges employees with ADHD face and how these challenges can affect productivity, communication, and overall performance.
  3. Effective Accommodations:
    Discover effective accommodations and modifications that can be implemented to provide essential support to employees with ADHD, ensuring they can thrive in your workplace.
  4. Communication Strategies:
    Get guidance on effective communication strategies to engage and motivate employees with ADHD, promoting open and productive interactions.
  5. Addressing Stigma:
    Learn how to address and combat the stigma often associated with ADHD, fostering an inclusive work environment where everyone can reach their full potential.
  6. Resources and Support
    Find out about available resources, tools, and professional support networks that can aid in creating a supportive environment for employees with ADHD.
  7. Legal and Ethical Considerations
    Understand the legal obligations and ethical considerations related to accommodating individuals with ADHD in the workplace, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.
  8. Adaptation Strategies
    Explore strategies for assessing the effectiveness of accommodations and modifying them based on employee feedback and evolving needs.
  9. Interactive Case Studies
    Engage in interactive case studies that provide real-world scenarios and solutions, allowing you to apply your knowledge effectively.

Booking information

Ready to take the next step in creating a more inclusive and productive workplace? You can book our “Understanding ADHD” course for your team by contacting us. Once booked, we’ll coordinate a mutually convenient time for your session.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your workplace. Contact us today to schedule your “Understanding ADHD” course and embark on a journey towards a more inclusive and supportive work environment. Together, we can unlock the full potential of your employees.

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