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Val Purcell

Clinical Nurse Specialists

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Clinical Nurse Specialists

Having qualified as a Registered Mental Health nurse in 1989 I began my career working with young people within an in-patient setting. After 7 years I moved to a new challenge as a manager for a UK-wide children’s charity but missing direct work with families I returned to the NHS in a community setting five years later. Since 2001 I have remained with specialist children’s services within Scotland’s largest health board in a variety of roles. Through working clinically with families, I developed an interest in neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly ADHD and ASD, early on in my professional life and this is still my main area of clinical interest, especially the former.

Over the past 22 years as well as developing my knowledge and clinical skills relating to ADHD I have also led on several initiatives within the service which have involved direct management of staff and service development e.g. development of a clinic model for the medication monitoring of children and young people attending the service. It was important to ensure the needs of the families were being met clinically and in ways that would fit in better with busy family life.

For two years I led a Glasgow-wide nurse service delivering initial assessment appointments to the children and young people referred for mental health concerns. This was a new pathway which achieved success in reducing the waiting time for families and promoting empowerment for those referred.

More recently I have held a post as a Project Manager with a remit to design and implement a new pathway within the health board for children and young people referred with any neurodevelopmental concerns. This was initiated by the Scottish Government in recognition that those presentations may not be best served within mental health provision.

However, it is time for a change of direction and once again I am returning to direct clinical work, this time with ADHD Direct.

Throughout my professional life I have maintained my professional e.g. protection of children and vulnerable adults, an active member of the Scottish Nurses ADHD Forum. I have contributed to conferences on ADHD and been part of the nursing programme at a Glasgow University lecturing on ADHD, ASD and attachment disorders as well as modules on multi professional team working.

Since qualifying I have also completed various courses such as a certificate course in CBT with Children, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Level 2, certificate in Psychotherapeutic Group Work and trained in the delivery of the Pinc Group (Parents in control).

The life/work balance is very important to me incorporating activities that are not related to my professional life. I practice martial arts, enjoy the gym, theatre, and live music. Those past times are often in the company of my adult son or friends, important people in my life.

Important notice

Unfortunately – due to a Viral Infection that has swept through our service most of our staff are either unwell or off work incapacitated by illness.

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