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Angela Blair

ADHD Nurse Practitioner

ADHD Nurse Practitioner

In 2015 I graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science in Mental Health Nursing and I dedicated my career to supporting Children and Adolescents with complex mental health as well as neurodevelopmental conditions.

I have been working alongside patients in the NHS as well as the private sector this provided me with a diverse range of experiences and perspectives. As I continued in my career I worked within a specialist children and adolcesents mental health service where I developed a deep passion for ADHD recognising the unique challenges that a person can face and recognising the importance of delivering tailored support for individuals.

Since qualifying I have worked as a charge nurse and completed various certificate courses in psychological interventions. I am also a trained Decider Skills trainer using a DBT and CBT approach. Safeguarding, protection of children and vulnerable adults, Child protection Level 3. 

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and two dogs as well as eating out, attending music events, travelling and being in the outdoors.

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