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ADHD Assessment Explained

06/03/2024 7:00 pm

Together with our CEO Gordon Brown we will discuss what is included in an ADHD assessment. The webinar will focus on explaining the assessment process itself, the diagnosis and the treatment options.

  • ADHD Assessment – An ADHD assessment should follow what is recommended in the National Institute of Clinical Excellence Guideline (NICE).
  • ADHD Diagnosis – What are the requirements for diagnosis and how long does an assessment last?
  • ADHD Treatment – Whilst medication is the single most effective treatment, there are other treatment options that can be considered.
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ADHD Assessments are available for adults and children. The assessment can be conducted in-person or as a virtual assessment.
Autism Assessments are available for adults and children. The Assessments are conducted as in-person assessments in our Glasgow clinic.

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