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Parents INC

An ADHD Specific, Parent Training Programme

(Parents IN Control)

Parents INC is a 6 week programme which has been specifically designed and developed for parents and carers of children with a diagnosis of ADHD. The programme covers the following areas:

  • Develop a sound understanding of ADHD from a parent and carers perspective
  • Learn effective ways of helping those affected with their symptoms
  • Learn how to apply behavioral strategies that work for ADHD children
  • Learn new approaches to managing high risk situations like morning and bed time routines, shopping and car journeys
  • Get invaluable support from other understanding parents and carers
  • Build and maintain effective working partnerships between home, school and health

On completion of the programme, parents and carers will recieve a Certificate of Attendance.

Programme Overview

WEEK 1 - Understanding ADHD

WEEK 2 - Positively parenting and caring for children with ADHD

WEEK 3 - How to help your ADHD child with their development

WEEK 4 - How to deal effectively with challenging behaviours

WEEK 5 - How to manage high risk situations

WEEK 6 - Programme review and planning ahead


Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE - England) recommend that parents and carers of children diagnosed with ADHD should be offered parent training programmes as a first line treatment for the disorder.

As a programme which has already been evaluated and shown to be a very effective resource for parents and carers, Parents INC is fast becoming a highly respected parent training programme which is now being rolled out across Scotland.

It is our aim to help make Parents INC the number one ADHD Parent Training Programme, not just in Scotland but across the whole of the United Kingdom.

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